venerdì 11 maggio 2007

Da oggi PRENDIMI in radio! Starting from today PRENDIMI on radio!

It's titled "Prendimi" and it is the single which will be on rotation starting from May 11th in the [note: Italian] radios with the label RoadHouse, and which anticipates, at two years of distance from the latest discographic work, the new album of Daniele Groff due to release in autumn.

The artist is completing its production, with his historical producer Marco Patrignani in the prestigious studios of the Forum Music Village in Rome, with the partecipation of Fools Garden (the band of the hit "Lemon Tree" with over 6 millions copies sold).

"Prendimi" was written by Daniele and by Volker Hinkel (producer and guitarist of Fools Garden), recorded in Stuttgart [note: at Hinkelstone Productions] and mixed at the Forum by Dario Dendi (among his credits: Stereophonics, Coldplay and The Killers).
Rome, May 4th 2007

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