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sabato 18 dicembre 2004

Tour unplugged in Svizzera / Unplugged-Tour in der Schweiz!!!

26.01 Alte Taverne, CH Adelboden
27.01. Gasse Emmentaler, CH Thun
28.01. Bären, CH Münchenbuchsee
29.01. Bella Luna, CH Filisur
03.02. Pitschna Szene, CH Pontresina

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lunedì 22 novembre 2004

It's just a perfect screaming
By Dima.

Firstly I would like to say that I’m not a journalist, simply I’m a huge fan of Fool’s Garden and that’s all. Though me and Polina made a couple of programs about them on radio station. Unfortunately there aren’t any music magazines in Russia where you can find some articles about modern rock/pop bands. NME is closed. So I decided to write some words by myself about their visit of Moscow. Three months have gone since they were in Russia, but my memories will never fade away.

I was honored by some organization to meet FG in airport Sheremet’evo-2 and thanx to this I was on cloud 9, happiness itself! Here they are! Gabi, Volker, Peter and the others. The guys whose music made me thrill when I was a kid are standing in front of me and shaking my hand! So pleasantly that Peter exclaimed ”Oh, Dima!” Then we all made our way to the bus. I must admit that the bus was terrible. It was normal for the beginning of the 90s’ in Russia, but not nowadays. However it was the bus we had to go by. Fools were shocked and, I felt shame... “Oh, it’s driving!” -said Volker or Steffen, I don’t remember who exactly. First playbill “FOOL’S GARDEN” appeared on our way to hotel and I heard loud exclamations in German. I’ve understood just one word “Plakat”. After a two-hour break in hotel and talk with Peter (who was trying very hard to learn some Russian dirty words) and others we went to a press - conference. I’ve occupied a place among journalists and organizers, with a digital camera in my hands. The conference started from long organizers’ speeches. It was so boring that I started to yawn. Questions for the band were rather stupid, they were like “what Russian performers do you know?” or “ will you go sightseeing?” The presenter of the festival asked ” We know Fool’s Garden as a two-hit wonder (Lemon Tree and Dreaming) so what is the stuff you gonna play tomorrow?” The inner burst has happened inside me. The guys should have answered something like “ it’s your problem if you hadn’t heard any Fool’s Garden CD! How can you be a presenter of the festival? Or you forget we’re the headliners?!” My question for Volker was about his guitar heroes. I’ve always thought, that the sound of his guitar has something in common with David Gilmour’s Fender sound. Volker said he likes Edge (U2) very much (It can happen proves it-me), though he’s trying to create his own style, his own sound. After the press conference, I had a great talk with Volker. He appeared as a big Beatles fan, just like me! It wasn’t a kind of amazing revelation for me, but I didn’t know he loves them so much, it was so pleasantly!

Then, after supper, we all moved to the 16 tones – they wanted to see the stage and to check technical equipment. By the time we arrived there the concert of one popular Russian band was happening there. The band is called Segodnya Noch’yu (Tonight, in English). And they played really good, I was impressed by their new sound, very blurish... That was the end of the first day.

The next day of my acquaintance with FG started with the soundcheck in Green Theater in Gorky Park. God! I was running so fast just not to miss a note of their music! And fortunately I was rewarded: from the moment of my appearance Gabi and Volker started to play a terrific guitar jam! I hardly charged a cassette into a recorder because my fingers were thrilling, but it was ok and everything is documented! To tell the truth their soundcheck was very mind blowing for me. I couldn’t believe that my favorite band is playing for me only! I was alone standing in front of the big scene on the open air. The sun was shining, birds were singing, it was hot...-total unreality, you know. Volker played riffs from Beatles’ songs during all the free moments he had: Something, I Feel Fine, Working Class Hero... And he waved his hand for me after every emotional exclamation getting out of me ;). Then, Claus sang Yellow Submarine while checking his drums. Peter, Dirk, Gabriel and Claus played ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ and it was very cool and unexpectedly! The whole band began the main part of the soundcheck from ‘Alright’. ‘OH MY FUCKIN’ GOD!!! Am I dreaming?!’-I thought. I felt tingles crawling down my body. They played this song once again, but more industriously this time. The next song was a new one called ‘Does Anybody Know?’ I’ve already heard this song before and the guys were surprised watching me singing it. Hehe! They also played ‘Dreaming’, ‘Closer’ two times. That’s how my first FG concert passed. After the soundcheck I helped them to carry their guitars back to the bus and was getting happier and happier!

After dinner at the open air we went to “16 tones” club for another soundcheck. On our way to the club Volker asked me about the sound on the soundcheck. And he asked me how did I know ‘Does Anybody Know?’ surprisingly, because it’s a brand-new song. Promo-DVD, you know! ;)

The second soundcheck came up even better than the first. Peter sang ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’ and ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’. During ‘Probably’ performance I learnt that “Volker’s loving men”, at least Peter sang that way! Haha. But the thing that hit me immediately was called ‘Daihaminkay’. Never heard this song before, so I was all ears and eyes. Shocked! What a great song! After this we went sightseeing to Red Square. You can see photos of the guys on sites. Thanks God the weather was wonderful! I think they really enjoyed walking through Red Square and Arbat Street. I showed Peter a store where pirates’ CD’s could be only found. He said ‘Let’s get in and see!’ We saw a lot of HIM posters and CD’s there. ‘Are they popular in Russia?’- He asked. ‘Yes, very popular’- I replied. ‘Oh, they are so boring...’- grimaced Peter, remembering about one of their combined shows somewhere. ‘How do you think, will people sing our songs with us?’- asked Peter. I said that I don’t really know. Russians are unexpected... It was about 5 pm when I had to leave the band (they wanted to relax at the hotel) and I decided to buy some FG CD. I made my way to a well -known place among Moscow’s music lovers called Gorbushka. Guess what I was doing during the trip! Waiting for train I was listening to the soundcheck edging the dynamic to my ear. I’ve listened to Daihaminkay without an effort to stop doing it, again and again. I felt my eyes became wet...So mush happiness in one day! And the main show was just ahead! Well, I didn’t find any FG CD in shops.

The concert in “16 tones” began at 23. Fools walked through the crowd to the stage and we all heard the amazing and mystical sounds of Volker’s synthesizer in the beginning of ‘Alright’. Then, everybody sang ‘go and ask Peggy, go and ask Peggy!’ Well, the audience is perfect!!! Excellent! The next number was ‘Suzy’. I liked very much Peter’s singing in the end of the song ‘Suzy...Suzy don’t you know...Oh, Suzy...’ He should have sung that way on the album! So much drive! Then, already familiar ‘Daihaminkay’. Throw a tomato at me, but I’m sure it’s their best song!

When they started to play ‘Why Did She Go?’ I was almost insane. I’ve always thought that this song could been easily written by Lennon - McCartney in 1963. And I’ve always liked the backward vocals on it, especially on word “explain”, while Peter is going down with his “explain” the others are going up with theirs. Absolutely Beatles level. ‘Wild Days’ began form a wonderful overture containing “good day, sunshine, good day, sunshine!” ‘Closer’ sounded like a hymn! It seems this song is more popular in Russia even than ‘Lemon Tree’. The audience has been totally satisfied and Fools (I’m sure) were doing their best. Nobody had expected such a great reaction before the concert started. Considering to be a one hit wonder FG flawlessly executed that “one hit”, but ‘It Can Happen’ that followed ‘Lemon Tree’ I liked even more, because they really improved it by filling it with some wonderful guitar notes instead of lemon tree-like beginning. The most rock’n’roll song of the evening was ’25 Miles To Kissimmee’ for sure! I’ve always loved Volker’s riff on it-a perfect beginning of the song continued by a marvelous speeding-up of rhythm. One Russian radio station (that is dead at the moment) had rotated this song for a long time. The second new song presented in ’16 tones’, called ‘Does Anybody Know?’ was received by audience with ecstasy. “Did you like the new song?”- asked Peter smiling. “Yeaaaaaah!!!”-followed the answer immediately. And of course, terrific epilogue: Ticket To Ride-My Generation-Rolling Home. Paul McCartney should have loved their version if he had had time to visit that gig. The Who should more attentively listen to it to realize how pure rock’n’roll guy (yes, I’m talking about Claus!) sings it.

Here is the set-list of the gig:


The Principal Thing



In The Name



Why Did She Go?

25 Miles To Kissimmee

Monday Morning Girl


Does Anybody Know?

Lemon Tree

It Can Happen

Wild Days


Ticket To Ride

My Generation

Rolling Home

After the concert Fools dispersed among excited fans. They all appeared to be very sociable, very nice encounters, you know. But it was so loud in the club that I couldn’t speak with my hoarse voice (after performing all the songs with Peter) and expect to be heard. So my friends and I decided to get outside to catch some fresh air. We have spent all night long sitting on a bench in park, and I just couldn’t stop singing “don’t be afraid of night lonely...” Gee, it was so unbelievable that I still can’t remember that night without shivering!

On the next day a rock’n’reggae festival was going to happen in Green Theater. I came right to the time when 5’nizza were finishing their set. 5’nizza is a modern Ukrainian reggae duet, also very popular in Russia. But in fact I do not like their music too much, and I was waiting for Fool’s Garden to start their set. The moment they appeared was majesties! In a few seconds my mind got so high and the same feeling of happiness came to me again! Fools have opened the gate to a better world that is so different to the one we used to live in. Unfortunately, the audience in Green Theater was rather chilly at first. But the guys made an absolutely impossible thing-they rocked ‘em! Nobody could stand their amazing behavior on stage and terrific songs they played. I think people were quite amused that the songs they heard they hadn’t heard before. Fool’s Garden made a very bright show, hope they liked it too. After the last song (Closer) people began to scan “Fool’s Garden, Fool’s Garden!!!”

Glorious, glorious days! After watching them live I just want to say one thing: they are the best. And I don’t really care about the quantity of their fans and positions in charts. There are so many bands that represent nothing, but in spite of this they are much more popular than Fool’s Garden. But, you know, guys, God-he sees everything and he won’t let you stop creating the greatest music in the world and playing live shows full of light energy. And I got to admit that this composition of Fool’s Garden is perfect, it seems they play together all their life! Thank you folks, I love you. Keep on rockin’!

lunedì 1 novembre 2004

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venerdì 15 ottobre 2004

Alles für den Künstler
Dirk Blümlein Terzett

Jetzt im Handel!
Out now!
È uscito!

Buy it on!


mercoledì 29 settembre 2004


Hello dear Fools Garden fan,

after two months of abstinence, it's time again for a little update from Foolsoffice.
The latest two months have been in the sign of concerts. From the unplugged concert with only 20 people in Erpfenhausen through Barcellona to Russia and the mega event in Schalke with Pur, we've experienced everything that can vibrate the soul of a musician.
First of all the most important thing. The new album is coming to life. The songs have been all written, and mostly recorded, so we can suppose a release at the beginning of the next year. We cannot give an exact date, because we have to clarify everything regarding promotion, distribution etc... At the moment we can say to you that we are superhappy about the result we got till now. It will be a very good album with very much fresh energy and really good songs. A first tasting has been already given two weeks ago at the German fanclub party.  As said, the reaction was great and we were very pleased of it. Let yourself be surprised. It's coming soon.

The German fanclub party in Wuppertal at `Haus Marianne`!

It happened! The name of the locality could make you think about something weird, but what was inside didn't need to be hidden. First of all the food deserved the long travel to Wuppertal. There was a very good buffet and moreover it was a completely successful evening.
From a contest to a spontaneous unplugged session, to a video of our travel to russia until a present given to each person as a live DVD of a concert in Essen.
Concerning that, once more a big thanks to everybody who was there and most of all to Ulla, Rainer and Anja, who kindly organized this evening. You are great!

German Fanclub

By the way, Ulla and  Rainer will run by now the German fanclub together with Anja.

The fanclub homepage will be soon modified and will become, together with the band website, a referring point for the question of German fans regarding Fools Garden.

Russia tour

As said at the beginning: we left behind us a lot of concerts and one dream of us, chased for long time, finally became true: we played in Russia! A concert in the legendary "16 Tons" club  in Moscow and the day after as headliner at Rock & Reggae Festival, which has been repeated in St. Petersburg. It was wonderful. The people there really knew almost each song, and, like last year in Lithuania for "Dreaming", "Closer" was a hit.
Unbelievable, a fantastic sensation, when you begin to play a song and everybody stop and recognize it.

The really bad thing was the travel on the night train from Moskow to St. Petersburg. Eleven Russian rock and reggae bands and us in the middle. A night which didn't want to end - only with cacao-based drinks.

The following day was not easy at all. But anyway in the evening at the concert everything was ok again. 

There's a little videoclip of the encore of this concert in the homepage. It's worth of watching! through the barricades ...

PUR Classics / Schalke

As soon as we came back fromRussia Volker and I had to go to the rehearsal in Bietigheim for the mega event in Schalke, where the guys of PUR  <>
   invited us as guests. An invitation that we were very happy to accept.
The rehearsal took place in complete relax and after a week the event took place. From September 2nd to 4th we were on the stage of this amazing arena.  70000 people - even if they didn't come for us - received us with big applauses and sang along Lemon Tree with a big voice. Then we played two songs of PUR  (friends; I got drunk for you) and we had to leave again the stage, unfortunately. In the last evening everything was very fast, because after the end we were leaded by the police to Dortmund, where  Dirk, Gabriel and Claus and the audience was already waiting for us. Even if there weren't so many people as in Gelsenkirchen, it was anyway very nice.  Thanks Dortmund!
Concerning Schalke, we still have to remember that we met there an unbelievably nice colleague:  Heinz Rudolf Kunze, a nice person with wonderful songs and a beautiful voice. HRK must be greeted!
By the way, from the concert in Schalke a 60-minutes special will be broadcasted on Sat.1 on November 20th at 11.30 p.m

The entire concert will be released on DVD on November 2nd.

And the CD will be in stores already on October 4th.

Photo Contest

On our homepage  <>  you still have the chance till the middle of October to partecipate to the photo contest, for which there is a very interesting rarity as final prize. Send your (the way it means for you) best picture to Foolsoffice and you will take part to the online votation, which will go on till the end of October.

International Fanclub

By this month the Italian fanclub becomes the official international fanclub of Fools Garden.
Carla will provide you with all the infos about the band with a regular newsletter and you can ask her about any kind of questions.

We would also like to remind you about the weekly appointment on the chat in the Italian website, which takes place every Friday after 9 p.m. You find the link on  <>
If you don't want to chat, you can of course visit the website at any time. A website - the one of Carla Monticelli - made with a lot of love, where you can find everything from lyrics to pictures to the latest news, which have to do with Fool's Garden.
Check it out, it's worth!

If you don't want to receive this newsletter anymore, send us a short e-mail and we will delete you from the mailing list.

If you have friends or there are people you know, who want to subscribe, let us know.

Till the next time.

Lots of greetings and talk to you soon

yours Fools


Hallo lieber Fools Garden - Fan,

nach zweimonatiger Newsletter Abstinenz ist es mal wieder höchste Zeit für ein kleines Update aus dem Foolsoffice.
Die letzten beiden Monate standen ganz im Zeichen der Konzerte. Vom Unplugged Konzert in der 20 - Seelen Gemeinde Erpfenhausen über Barcelona bis hin zu Rußland und dem Megaevent auf Schalke mit Pur war so ziemlich alles dabei , was die Musikerseele zum Schwingen bringt. Doch dazu später mehr.
Zuerst das Allerwichtigste. Das neue Album nimmt Gestalt an. Die Songs sind alle geschrieben und auch schon zum größten Teil aufgenommen, sodaß einer Veröffentlichung Anfang nächsten Jahres eigentlich nichts mehr im Weg steht. Einen genauen Termin können wir leider noch nicht nennen, da solche Dinge wie Promotion, Vertrieb etc. noch geklärt werden müssen. Nur soviel sei gesagt : wir sind alle superhappy mit dem bisherigen Ergebnis. Es wird ein klasse Album mit sehr viel frischer Energie und einfach richtig guten Songs. Einen ersten Vorgeschmack gab es bereits vor zwei Wochen auf der Fanclubparty . Soviel sei gesagt . Die Reaktion war überwältigend und hat uns tierisch gefreut. Laß Dich überraschen . Bald ist es soweit.

Fanclubparty in Wuppertal im `Haus Marianne`!

zugegeben ! der Name der Lokalität mutet etwas seltsam an aber was sich dahinter verbirgt braucht sich nicht zu verstecken. Vor allem das Essen war die lange Anreise nach Wuppertal wirklich wert. Es gab ein richtig leckeres Buffet und auch sonst war es ein durchweg gelungener Abend.
Vom Gewinspiel über eine spontane Unplugged Session, Videos von unserem Rußland Trip bis hin zu einem Präsent für jeden Anwesenden in Form einer Live DVD vom Konzert in Essen war alles dabei.
An dieser Stelle nochmal ein ganz großes Dankeschön an alle die dabei waren und vor allem an Ulla, Rainer und Anja, die diesen Abend so liebevoll organisiert hatten. Ihr seid echt klasse !


Ulla und Rainer werden im Übrigen in Zukunft mit Anja gemeinsam den Fanclub führen und Dich von nun an regelmäßig mit detaillierten Infos rund um Fools Garden versorgen. Außer einem regelmäßiger Newsletter wird es bald wieder die Möglichkeit geben Merchandising Artikel zu kaufen .
Desweiteren kannst Du Dich bei Fragen auch gerne an sie wenden.
Die Fanclub Homepage wird soeben auch überarbeitet und soll in Zukunft neben der offiziellen Page als Dreh-und Angelpunkt für alle Fragen rund um Fools Garden fungieren.

Rußland Tour

Wie Eingangs erwähnt : ´ne Menge Konzerte liegen hinter uns und ein lang gehegter Traum ist in Erfüllung gegangen : wir haben in Rußland gespielt ! Ein Konzert im legendären 16 tons Club in Moskau und am darauffolgenden Tag nochmals in Moskau als Headliner beim Rock & Reggae Festival, das tags darauf in St Petersburg wiederholt wurde. Es war ein Hammer. Die Leute dort kannten doch tatsächlich fast alle Songs und so wie im vergangenen Jahr in Litauen `Dreaming`ein Hit war, war es hier `Closer`.
Unglaublich , ein irre Gefühl, wenn Du anfängst einen Song zu spielen und die Leute sofort ausrasten, wenn sie ihn erkennen.
Das Highlight schlechthin war allerdings die Fahrt im Nachtzug von Moskau nach St Petersburg. Elf russische Rock und Reggae Bands und wir mittendrin. Eine nicht enden wollende Nacht - nicht nur mit kakaohaltigen Getränken.
Der Tag darauf war dementsprechend nicht ganz so einfach . Zum Konzert am Abend war dann allerdings wieder alles in bester Ordnung.
Auf der Homepage gibt es einen kurzen Videoclip von der Zugabe dieses Konzerts. Anschauen lohnt sich ! through the barricades ...

PUR Classics / Schalke

Kaum aus Rußland zurück hieß es für Volker und ich ab nach Bietigheim zur Probe für das Mega Event auf Schalke, zu dem uns die Jungs von
PUR <>
als Gäste eingeladen hatten. Eine Einladung, der wir sehr gerne nachkamen.
Die Probe verlief total relaxt und eine Woche später war es dann soweit. Vom 2-4 September standen wir in dieser Wahnsinnsarena auf der Bühne. 70000 Menschen – auch wenn sie nicht wegen uns gekommen sind - empfangen uns mit überwältigendem Applaus und singen Lemon tree aus voller Kehle mit. Danach sind wir noch bei zwei Pur Songs dabei ( Freunde ; hab mich wieder mal an dir betrunken ) und müssen dann leider schon wieder die Bühne verlassen. Am letzten Abend sogar sehr schnell, da wir gleich anschließend mit Polizei-Eskorte nach Dortmund zum eigenen Konzert geleitet werden, wo bereits Dirk, Gabriel und Claus und das Publikum warten. Zwar sind hier nicht ganz so viele Menschen wie in Gelsenkirchen aber dafür sind sie mindestens genauso gut drauf. Danke Dortmund !
Zu Schalke sei noch angemerkt, daß wir einen unglaublich netten Kollegen kennengelernt haben : Heinz Rudolf Kunze, ein klasse Mensch mit wunderschönen Songs und toller Stimme. HRK sei gegrüßt !
Vom Konzert auf Schalke wird es übrigens am 20.11. Um 23Uhr30 ein 60 Minuten Special auf Sat 1 geben.
Ab 2. Nov. wird das gesamte Konzert als DVD erhältlich sein.
Bereits am 4. Oktober steht die Audio CD dazu im Handel.

Foto – Contest

auf unserer Homepage <>

hast Du noch bis Mitte Oktober die Möglichkeit am Foto-Contest teilzunehmen, bei dem es eine echte Rarität zu gewinnen gibt. Schicke einfach Deine , wie Du meinst, besten Bilder an das Foolsoffice und Du bist dabei beim Online Voting, das bis zum 31 Oktober geht.

International Fanclub

Hinweisen möchten wir Dich nochmals auf den wöchentlichen Chattermin auf der italienischen Website, der jeden Freitag ab 21 Uhr stattfindet. Den Link zum Chat findest Du unter <>

Falls Du keine Lust zum chatten hast, kannst Du die Page selbstverständlich auch zu jedem anderen Zeitpukt besuchen. Eine - von Carla Monticelli - mit viel Liebe gemachte Site,auf der Du von Songtexten über Bilder bis zu den aktuellsten News alles findest, was mit Fool´s Garden zu tun hat.
Reinschauen, es lohnt sich !

Falls Du den Newsletter in Zukunft nicht mehr bekommen möchtest, dann schicke uns einfach eine kurze Mail und wir streichen Dich aus dem Verteiler.
Falls Du Freunde oder Bekannte hast, die den Newsletter ebenfalls abbonieren möchten, laß es uns wissen.

Bis zum nächsten Mal.

Viele Grüße und bis bald

Deine Fools


Ciao caro fan dei Fools Garden,

dopo 2 mesi di astinenza dalla newsletter è di nuovo tempo per un piccolo aggiornamento dal Foolsoffice.
Gli ultimi due mesi sono stati entrambi nel segno dei concerti. Dal concerto unplugged con 20 anime di Erpfenhausen a Barcellona fino alla Russia e al mega evento a Schalke con i Pur c'è stato quasi tutto ciò che può far vibrare l'anima di un musicista.
Prima di tutto la cosa più importante. Il nuovo album prende forma. Le canzoni sono state tutte scritte e anche per la maggior parte registrate, cosicché si può parlare di un'uscita per l'inizio del prossimo anno. Non possiamo dare una data precisa, in quanto dobbiamo ancora chiarire molte cose riguardanti la promozione, distribuzione ecc.. Per ora diciamo che siamo superfelici del risultato finora ottenuto. Sarà un ottimo album con moltissima energia fresca e veramente delle buone canzoni. Un primo assaggio è stato già dato due settimane fa al party del fanclub tedesco. Come detto, la reazione è stata sconvolgente e ci ha fatto molto piacere. Lasciati stupire. Manca poco.  

Il party del fanclub tedesco a Wuppertal nella `Haus Marianne`!

È successo! Il nome della località presagiva qualcosa di strano, ma ciò che si celava al suo interno non aveva alcun bisogno di essere nascosto. Prima di tutto il cibo valeva il lungo viaggio fino a Wuppertal. C'era un buffet veramente gustoso ed inoltre è stata una serata completamente riuscita.
Da un gioco a premi ad una spontanea sessione unplugged, al video del nostro viaggio in Russia fino a un regalo per ogni persona sotto forma di DVD live di un concerto ad Essen. 
A questo proposito ancora una volta un grosso ringraziamento a tutti quelli che erano presenti e soprattutto a Ulla, Rainer e Anja, che sono stati tanto gentili da organizzare questa serata. Siete grandi!

Fanclub Tedesco

Inoltre Ulla e Rainer da ora in poi guideranno il fanclub tedesco insieme ad Anja.

La pagina del fanclub verrà presto modificata e fungerà in futuro insieme al sito ufficiale della band come punto di riferimento per le domande dei fan tedeschi riguardanti i Fools Garden.

Tour in Russia

Come menzionato all'inizio: ci siamo lasciati alle spalle un sacco di concerti e un nostro sogno da tempo perseguito è finalmente diventato realtà: abbiamo suonato in Russia! Un concerto nel leggendario club "16 Tons" a Mosca e il giorno successivo ancora a Mosca come gruppo principale presso il Rock & Reggae Festival, che è stato poi ripetuto a S. Pietroburgo. È stato stupendo. La gente del luogo conosceva veramente quasi tutte le canzoni e, come l'anno scorso in Lituania "Dreaming" era un successo, lo era qui "Closer".
Incredibile, una fantastica sensazione, quando inizi a suonare una canzone e la gente subito la riconosce.

La cosa veramente brutta è stato comunque il viaggio nel treno notturno da Mosca a S. Pietroburgo. Undici band rock e reggae russe e noi in mezzo. Una notte che non voleva finire - solo con bevande a base di cacao.  

Il giorno successivo non è stato affatto facile. Ma comunque di sera al concerto era tutto di nuovo a posto.

Nella homepage c'è un piccolo videoclip del bis di questo concerto. Vale la pena guardarlo! through the barricades ...

PUR Classics / Schalke

Appena tornati dalla Russia io e Volker siamo dovuti andare alle prove a Bietigheim del mega evento di Schalke, al quale i ragazzi dei PUR  <>
   ci avevano invitato come ospiti. Un invito che abbiamo accettato molto volentieri.
Le prove si sono svolte in relax totale e una settimana dopo c'è stato l'evento. Dal 2 al 4 settembre siamo stati sul palco in questa pazzesca arena. 70000 persone - anche se non erano venute per noi - ci hanno accolti con applausi sconvolgenti e hanno cantato Lemon Tree a squarciagola. Successivamente abbiamo suonato ancora due canzoni dei PUR (amici; mi sono ubriacato per voi) e abbiamo dovuto purtroppo lasciare di nuovo il palco. Nell'ultima serata è stato tutto molto veloce, poiché subito dopo la fine con la scorta della polizia siamo stati guidati fino a Dortmund, dove già Dirk, Gabriel e Claus e il pubblico ci aspettavano.  Anche se non c'erano tante persone quante a Gelsenkirchen è stato comunque tutto bello. Grazie Dortmund!
Riguardo a Schalke bisogna ancora ricordare che lì abbiamo conosciuto un collega incredibilmente simpatico:  Heinz Rudolf Kunze, una grande persona con canzoni meravigliose e una bella voce. Saluti HRK!
A proposito, del concerto di Schalke verrà trasmesso uno speciale di 60 minuti su Sat.1 (n.d.t. visibile in Italia sul satellite Astra) il 20 novembre alle 23.30.

Dal 2 novembre l'intero concerto sarà disponibile in DVD.
Già dal 4 ottobre è in vendita il CD.

Concorso fotografico

Sulla nostra homepage <> hai ancora la possibilità fino a metà ottobre di partecipare al concorso fotografico, per il quale c'è in palio una rarità davvero interessante. Manda la tua (in qualunque modo tu lo intenda) migliore foto al Foolsoffice e parteciperai alla votazione online, che andrà avanti fino alla fine di ottobre.

Fanclub internazionale

A partire da questo mese il fanclub italiano (n.d.t il nostro fanclub!) diventa il fanclub internazionale ufficiale dei Fools Garden.

Vorremmo inoltre ricordarti l'appuntamento settimanale in chat nel sito italiano, che ha luogo ogni venerdì dalle 21. Trovate il link su  <>
Se non hai voglia di chattare, puoi ovviamente visitare la pagina in qualsiasi altro momento. Una pagina - quella di Carla Monticelli - fatta con tanto amore (n.d.t. !!!!), dove puoi trovare tutto dai testi delle canzoni alle foto fino alle ultimissime notizie, che hanno a che fare con i Fool's Garden.
Andate a vedere, ne vale la pena!

Se non vuoi ricevere più questa newsletter in futuro, allora mandaci una breve e-mail e ti cancelleremo dalla mailing list.
Se hai amici o conoscenti, che vogliono iscriversi, faccelo sapere.

Alla prossima volta.

Tanti saluti e a presto

i tuoi Fools

Fool's Garden Italia Fanclub diventa Fool's Garden Fanclub International!
Dopo più di un anno dalla chiusura del vecchio FG Fanclub International, torna ad esistere un fanclub ufficiale che si occupa dei fan di tutto il mondo. Questo compito è stato dato al fanclub italiano che già da tempo contava numerosi soci stranieri riuniti nella Fools Community e che da oggi è il fanclub ufficiale internazionale dei Fool's Garden!

Fool's Garden Italia Fanclub becomes Fool's Garden Fanclub International!
After more than a year from the closing of the old FG Fanclub International, there's again an official fanclub which takes care of fans all over the world. This task has been given to the Italian fanclub, which already had several foreign subscribers forming the Fools Community, and which by now is the official international fanclub of Fool's Garden.

Fool's Garden Italia Fanclub wird Fool's Garden Fanclub International!
Nach einem Jahr vom Schlossen des FG Fanclub International von Heidi, gibt es wieder einen offiziellen Fanclub, der um weltweite Fans kümmert. Diese Aufgabe wurde dem italienischen Fanclub, der seit lange eine große internationale Fools Community hat, gegeben, und jetzt ist dieser Fanclub der offizielle internationale Fanclub von Fool's Garden.

lunedì 30 agosto 2004

Big Photo Contest su!









Per partecipare al concorso, basta mandare una o più foto fatte da voi (qualsiasi tipo di foto!!!) a
Le foto devono avere le dimensioni di 450 x 300 pixel, essere in jpeg, e riportare un titolo e un indirizzo e-mail come nell'esempio che si vede cliccando qui.

Le foto verranno presentate sul sito ufficiale e verranno votate.

Ovviamente ci sarà un premio finale!
Buona fortuna!

Big Photo Contest auf!

Wer sich an diesem Gewinnspiel beteiligen will, schickt einfach selbst aufgenommene Fotos (egal zu welchem Thema auch immer) an
Die Fotos sollten 450 X 300 pixel Auflösung haben und im jpg Format geschickt werden.
Gebt euren Fotos unbedingt einen Titel und vergesst nicht, eure E-Mail Adresse anzugeben (hier klicken, um ein Beispiel zu sehen).

Die Fotos werden auf der offiziellen Webseite präsentiert und die besten werden prämiert.
Viel Glück!

(English version on

lunedì 19 luglio 2004

Click to enlarge

















Ciao caro Fan dei Fool´s Garden,

ecco il tuo invito al Fanclubparty del 10 settembre a Wuppertal.

Il party inizia alle 18, e dalle 20 ci sarà un ricco buffet.

Ovviamente l'intera band sarà presente!

Il costo è 15 euro, e include la cena e una piccola sorpresa!

Ci sono solo 50 biglietti e la data ultima per registrarsi è il 15 agosto.


Manda la tua registrazione con il numero delle persone e il loro nome e cognome a (in inglese o tedesco). Se non parli inglese o tedesco, puoi rivolgerti ovviamente al fanclub italiano

Metodi di pagamento (per favore specifica nella mail):

- bonifico bancario al seguente conto:

Titolare: Anja Rummert
Numero di conto: 7807457
BLZ.: 200 905 00
NetBank AG

- in contanti tramite raccomandata a:

Fool's Garden Fanclub
Postfach 1543
74305 Bietigheim-Bissingen


Per maggiori informazioni sul party, visita:

o manda una mail al fanclub tedesco (in inglese o tedesco) o a quello italiano

Tanti saluti,



Hallo lieber Fool´s Garden - Fan,

hier ist deine Einladung für die Fanclubparty in Wuppertal am 10. September.

Die Party fängt um 18 Uhr an, und ab 20 Uhr gibt´s ein reichhaltiges Buffet.

Natürlich wird die komplette Band dabei sein!

Die Gebühr ist 15 Euro, und die beinhaltet das Abendessen und ein kleines Überraschungsgeschenk!

Es gibt nur 50 Karten und der Anmeldeschluss ist am 15. August.


Schick deine Anmeldung mit der Anzahl der Personen und den Vor- und Nachnamen an

Zahlungsmethoden (bitte, gib in deiner Mail genau an):

- Überweisung auf folgendes Konto:

Empfänger: Anja Rummert
Kto.: 7807457
BLZ.: 200 905 00
NetBank AG

- bar per Einschreiben an:

Fool's Garden Fanclub
Postfach 1543
74305 Bietigheim-Bissingen

Für nähere Infos über die Party, bitte, besuch:

oder schick einfach eine E-Mail an den Fanclub unter

Foolige Grüße,



Hello dear Fool's Garden fan,

the image above is your invitation to join the Fanclubparty in Wuppertal on September 10th.

The party will begin at 6 p.m., and, starting from 8 p.m., there will be a rich buffet.

Of course the whole band will be there!

The partecipation fee is 15 euros, and it also includes the buffet and a small surprise!

There are only 50 available tickets and the deadline for your registration is August 15th.


Send your registration with the number of people and their full names to

Methods of payment (please, specify in your mail):

- bank transfer to the following account:

Account holder: Anja Rummert
Acct.: 7807457
BLZ.: 200 905 00
NetBank AG

- money cash in a registered letter to:

Fool's Garden Fanclub
Postfach 1543
74305 Bietigheim-Bissingen


For further information about the party, please, visit:

or e-mail Anja at

Lots of foolish greetings,