domenica 25 giugno 2006

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Sul sito ufficiale è stata aggiunta la galleria di foto "Fools Garden in tour 2006 - parte 1".
Dateci un'occhiata!
Grazie ad Uta.

The new photogallery "Fools Garden on tour 2006 - part 1" has been added to the official website
Check it out!
Thanks to Uta.

Die neue Fotogalerie "Fools Garden auf Tour 2006 - Teil 1" wurde auf der offiziellen Website gesetzt.
Schaut mal!
Danke an Uta.

sabato 10 giugno 2006

Suoneria realtone di "Cold"

Ecco il link per scaricarla sul vostro cellulare:
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giovedì 1 giugno 2006

Piero Fissore

I've seen Sandy down by the shore, looking the sea waiting for you once again.
I've heard the queen of Marigold sighing, looking the children of the king and waiting for the duchess of Kilcardy.
It was just another morning, just another day, another day without Lena.
Look there! She's Mary, not at her place. Pure sadness.
When I passed near a lonely bridge I saw a woman fading in the dark. I think she was Emily.
I've seen Louise. Oh, and her baby too: he's growing strong.
While she was taking a good look around her, Martha came to me with a strange smile upon her face. Pretty scary, but really a nice girl.
Uhm, wait a moment. Is she…? Yes, she seems Mary, drinking tea. There's Betty too. Anne, from her loneliness, is looking somewhere in the sky. Cute picture. It doesn't matter if they're all alone: that's the right way, I think.
God, it's raining! Pouring rain! Rosalie MacLovely does not seem really happy, but I am: she's funny.
I've seen Suzy, not really confident: her head in the sky, her heart far away, her mind… well, I don't know.
A girl came to give her faith and hope: Jamie. Strange but true.
I haven't seen Glory, but I've heard her, flying like a thunder above my head. Very fast. Nice.
My eyes flew away with her, since they lay down to a vague shape, not far from me: Candy.
She was praying at the Trina's mausoleum.
Look up, now! Can you see her, can you feel her? She's Jeannie. Oh, she's so beautiful while she's doing what she use to do.
Oh, look at you! Nice to meet you! My God, who's that sexy girl? Let me guess: she's Lady Chambermaid. Ok, I'll leave you now: have a nice ride.
There she is, the one I love more than all: that silly, stupid, bloody but so charming jay of Annie. I'm not really happy about my preference, but that's it: you can't stop me.
Then I've seen the one that makes me stupid enough to think about saving the world: anyway, we sometimes need that sensation, don't we? So, thanks, dear Rosalyn.

But… there's always a 'but'. I miss one girl. I have to talk with her. I must talk with her! As you may know, I've got a question. I've got The question. Damn, come on: where is SHE???